MSI unveils Wind Top AE2070, computer class, all-in-one

Feeling the need of users in the technology of Sandy Bridge, MSI has introduced a new personal computer class “all-in-one” series Wind Top, new AE2070, which comes in a sleek, white casing (which were added transparent frame), and uses its own Wind Touch 4 user interface.

MSI unveils Wind Top AE2070, computer class 'all-in-one'

New AiO-computer from MSI running the operating system Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, has dimensions 513h392h87mm and has a 20-inch (1600×900) touch screen, processor Intel Pentium G620 or Core i3-2100, up to 8 GB of RAM, an integrated Intel HD graphics 2000 or GeForce GT 540, 500GB hard drive and a DVD-burner drive. Comfort class AiO computers is that they almost do not need computer help. Continue reading

Intel is preparing to release Oak Trail

Intel is preparing to release Oak Trail According to PC Watch, Intel is preparing to release a new processor Atom, which should replace the outdated Z-series Atoms. Name of new crystals Intel – Oak Trail. They still do not have specifications and even the anticipated date of issue, therefore, it is unclear what to expect from the new line of processors.

Atom processors series Z, typically used in mobile devices, tablets and nettops. Oak Trail CPU series differ economical power consumption and low heat generation. Released new processors, as well as the price is not yet known.

iStockphoto started selling through

C November 12, 2009 in photobank “iStockphoto” begins selling images on the affiliate program through an online resource

In sale images of those authors who had the option to include the sale of a partnership program until August 20. The other images will go on sale later. Migrate content will take some time, so be patient administration requests of those who have not yet found their work for sale. Report affiliate sales will be updated at the end of each month, the same will be updated expense account.

Sungale Cyberus ID700WTA – hybrid player and reader

Sungale is, of course, is not the most well-known name among manufacturers of portable devices, but his device is definitely noteworthy. And if presented a few months earlier digital frame with WiFi, could still somehow lost among similar proposals, the hybrid e-reader and multimedia player must attract more interested.

Sungale Cyberus ID700WTA - hybrid player and reader

Cyberus ID700WTA reads all popular file formats from PDF to DivX. All documents can be viewed on a sufficiently large 7-inch screen resolution of 800×480. It can also check the weather forecast, latest news, YouTube clips and pictures with Picasa and Gmail, which indicates the presence of a browser. In an active device also appear: Support WiFi, support for streaming data transmission in the home network and the built-in clock. Order Cyberus ID700WTA online stores can be priced at $279.

TomTom Go Live 1000 – capacitive touch screen and user interface based on WebKit

TomTom has just released its new navigation device – Go Live in 1000, and if you still do not know it – this is the first device of capacitive touch screen. Output held just a few days after the Garmin updated its products “capacitive” models. Go Live 1000 is slightly thinner predecessors, but its main feature – the “instantaneous” miscalculation and recalculate the route, as it is tied to the satellite, the fastest in the industry. This is achieved using a custom module GPS Broadcom, it provides opportunities processor ARM11, running at 500 MHz, 4 GB RAM, 128 MB of RAM, and a new user interface based on WebKit.

TomTom Go Live 1000 - capacitive touch screen and user interface based on WebKit

And offered 12 months free use of services TomTom Live. Since June, this set of services will be available in 33 countries in Europe, and will include local information about the price of petrol, services, weather. Continue reading

Waterproof Wireless Keyboard for iPhone and iPad

We all know that exercise typing on the touch screen of your smartphone, even when using new capacitive displays, extremely uncomfortable. This is especially true set of large amounts of text. This need arises regularly in people using iPad tablet as an absolute alternative to a laptop or netbook with a full physical keyboard.

Waterproof Wireless Keyboard for iPhone and iPad

Apple, did not escape this problem, that is why included in all their devices support Apple Wireless Keyboard, the latter (in the good sense of the word) keyboard for computers, family Mac. However, Apple Wireless Keyboard does not fit for travel under extreme conditions, it is quite cumbersome and impractical for transportation. Continue reading

Single standard X/Y for mobile phones became Micro-USB

Since January 1, 2011 in Europe will single charger for all mobile phones. All mobile phones that will be marketed shall be equipped with a single slot charger, which became Micro-USB. Reasons for moving to a single standard a few, among them banal inconvenience and non-compliance with environmental regulations.

Single standard X/Y for mobile phones became Micro-USB

Currently in the world there are about 30 different standards for battery chargers. In fact, this standard is determined only by the form of the connector connection. Major mobile phone manufacturers have already come to the same standard chargers, however, it applies only to the “fresh” machines and brand. Between handset manufacturers and no agreement was reached, so the Commission intervened, which came out with an initiative to take stock of chargers for mobile phones to the same standard. Micro-USB standard has been approved as a primary in October last year and the date of commencement of sales of phones with a single standard called just now. Currently, Micro-USB is widely used as a communication interface c PC in new models of phones Nokia.

Retro modern computer keyboard in Cybernet ZPC-GX31

How much time has passed since then, when the personal computer was built into the keyboard? Recall, for example Commodore 64 or MS1502 Electronics. Of course, in the era of laptops, you can call any of them in the computer keyboard, but there are unique devices such as Cybernet ZPC-GX31.

Retro modern computer keyboard in Cybernet ZPC-GX31 Retro modern computer keyboard in Cybernet ZPC-GX31 Retro modern computer keyboard in Cybernet ZPC-GX31

Cybernet ZPC-GX31 works based on Intel G31 Express chipset and support in an Intel Core 2 Duo/Core 2 Quad to 3GHz/95W, as well as some others. Has up to 4GB of 800MHz DDR2 RAM and up to 1TB SATA HDD. Cybernet ZPC-GX31 is equipped with four USB 2.0 ports, two PS/2, touchpad and DVI and VGA outputs. Also, the device is equipped with a sound card, network interface and Ethernet-LPT-port for connecting printers.

ZPC-GX31 is available in silver and black colors. Cost Cybernet ZPC-GX31 is quite high from $699 to $1,099 depending on the configuration.

European online shopping cheated buyers

In Europe, more than half of the websites selling consumer electrical deceive buyers, said a representative of the Company to protect the rights of EU consumers.

On Wednesday, 369 were subjected to testing sites in 26 EU countries, as well as in Iceland and Norway. Regulators in these countries make such sites reorder trade, and in case of disobedience can close them.

In Europe, about a quarter of buyers use the Internet to purchase cameras, mobile phones, DVD-players and other electrical goods, thereby creating a market with a turnover of $9.9 billion per year.

Checks carried out by the federal government in May showed that 55% of web sites mislead consumers regarding the rights of consumers or the cost of delivery, and often gave incomplete contact details. Continue reading

Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop Final will be available October 29

Canonical announced the release of OS Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop Edition on October 29, 2009. New version of the popular Linux-distribution will be available for free download from the official site and mirrors. In Ubuntu 9.10 will be implemented a new graphical interface and control loading logon significant acceleration download an updated interface and improved sound control systems, the possibility of using 3G.

In order to accommodate the wishes of users to improve Ubuntu, in July launched the initiative “100 Paper Cuts – 100 improvements”. Community of users were asked to name one the most disturbing work defects. Currently more than 50 fixes made ​​in the interface of the system, including such aspects as annoying inconsistency in the name and suboptimal choice of applications included in the system by default. There are more significant changes, such as the version 9.10 includes Ubuntu Software Centre, which helps to better navigate the modern software open source, available for use. Continue reading